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Word of Mouth 2015: what inspires you?

Written by The Athenian Print

Student Affairs and The Athenian Print held another successful Word of Mouth event. With a beautiful sunset and city lights, students came out to express their thoughts on a diverse set of topics. They were welcomed with Lauryn Hill music playing in the background, hot chocolate and coffee, churros, and inspirational words written on wrinkled pages. The question of the night: What inspires you?

Many had a piece prepared for the night, but after a couple performances, sips of coffee, and analyzing the question of the night, a handful of students built up the courage to go up and sing a song, recite a poem, and simply speak their mind.

The power of expression through words is everlasting and we are happy to have had provided a platform and night to get together. On behalf of The Athenian Print, we thank Student Affairs, the Chalon Cafe, and all students who came out and supported the event. If you would like to participate for next semester’s Word of Mouth event, feel free to contact us.


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