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Kobe’s farewell

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer

As the NBA season kicked off about two weeks ago, the Lakers have had a very slow start. They won their first game out of six against the Brooklyn Nets this past Friday night. Sunday was another tough loss as the Lakers faced the New York Knicks and Kobe Bryant’s farewell from Madison Square Gardens. As the slow start continues for the Lakers, could this be Kobe Bryant’s final season? Is Kobe really giving up 19 seasons with the Lakers?

“If this is the last time, I’m fine with that and I feel at peace with that,” stated the 5-time NBA champion in regards to Brooklyn fans’ tributes to him. As the Lakers continue their season on the road, they will face Miami on Tuesday and Orlando on Wednesday.
Kobe will not start against Miami as by stated Byron Scott. “It was a last minute decision.”

As the Lakers continue their unsuccessful season many fans are concerned whether or not this might actually be Kobe’s last season. “If it is his last season I want to see him play” stated Sebastian Martinez. “I have never gone to a Laker game therefore if I am able to I would definitely go to a game this season to watch one of the best players in the game leave it all out on the court one final time.” As the season continues to progress, fans all over the country are supporting the black mamba if he decides to call it quits by the end of this year.

Former Laker coach Phil Jackson does think that it is Kobe’s last season, however. He believes that Kobe still has enough energy to continue his basketball career but perhaps with a different team. Although Kobe indicated that he would be a Laker for life if a new contract appears would he switch out of the purple and gold? Will the Knicks offer him a contract next season? It will all depend on the 37-year-old Kobe who will decide what will come next for him. Will he retire as a Laker? Will his contract be extended? Will he receive a better offer from a different team? All these questions will most likely get answered by the end of the season. All fans can really do at this point is enjoy the season.


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