Gentrification Impacts Local Businesses

Gentrification, The Circle Series

In most articles pertaining to gentrification, writers seem to state that gentrification is not as bad as others think and that there is no higher rate of lower income families moving out compared to prior years.

Why does gentrification cause so many emotions? One reason may be that long-term residents of these gentrifying cities are being pressured out of their homes, in which they have lived in for generations. Emotions may arise because it is sad having to move out of one’s home after having countless memories. Do those doing the gentrifying take feelings into consideration when buying property? It does not seem so, as money may be the only purpose for some.

Income is mentioned because old businesses are being bought out, and rent isn’t as affordable, due to new businesses with primarily wealthier owners at the local Grand Central Market located off Broadway in Downtown. In the short film “LA’s Grand Central: The Gentrification of the People’s Market” by Dylan Valley, Claudia Armendariz, granddaughter of Serestino Lopez who “came from Mexico” to work in the 70’s, is working for the business (Chiles Secos) her grandfather took over. Claudia is “just trying to keep [her grandfather’s] legacy alive” as new businesses keep surfacing throughout the market.

In the link, one can check out all the vendors available and notice that there is a trend of businesses being “healthier” for the body, along with classic foods with a twist. As Grand Central Market used to be known for the affordable and home style cooking, now some yelp reviews claim, “the food is really overpriced for the quality and quantity.” Cala W. Burbank, CA. Family run business again seems to be moving out for “hip” eateries that tend to a certain audience and imply one must have, or be willing, to spend a ridiculous amount of money for a meal less than expected.


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