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Nick Jonas concert leaves those who missed it “jealous”

Written by Beatriz Garay, Staff Writer

Any Nick Jonas fan who missed the show definitely has the right to “still get jealous.” Nick Jonas performed various songs from his sold-out show at The Wiltern this past Friday, October 23.

The concert opened up with Bebe Rexha giving an exhilarating show. Although many people are unaware, she has written songs for many artists, including Eminem and Rihanna. Her most recognized collaboration thus far happens to be in David Guetta’s “Hey Mama.” Bebe Rexha is the female who sings the bridge in this catchy single. When her set was over, the crowd could not contain their excitement for the most anticipated performer of the night.

Nick Jonas finally opened up with a very enticing introduction, with flashing lights and loud music beats that syncopated to one’s ecstatic heart beat. He was received interpreting one of his popular singles, “Chains.” Alongside many of the songs from his debut album such as Teacher and Wilderness, he also covered “Hotline Bling,” “Can’t Feel my Face,” and “California Love.” He even had a “throwback” acoustic session that made everyone go crazy. Jonas made many fans even MORE emotional by singing “Who I Am.” The crowd was singing along, and screaming the lyrics, because that surprise really did its job; it took us by storm.


Future Now Tour recently announced. Stay tuned for updates.

And of course, the show had to end with an encore, with his chart-topping single “Jealous.” The crowd was infused with delight and satisfaction, singing along, dancing, and enjoying the last bit of the concert to their fullest potential.

Alyssa Barron, who accompanied me to the concert, can support my claim. She said, “[m]y heart melted when Nick came on stage. Nick put on a spectacular performance. The crowd was really pumped up. I had a wonderful time because I was able to see him perform with my best friend.” If you ever want to experience this same delight and satisfaction, go to the next Nick Jonas show near you. Which reminds me!

In case you weren’t aware, the Future Now Tour was just announced this past weekend. Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas will be going on a North American summer tour together! This Dynamic Duo is one you will not want to miss.


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