NBA Tip-Off has finally arrived

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer

Guess what, basketball fans? It’s that time of season again, the NBA tips off its season tonight starting at 5pm. Teams playing are the runner-up finalists, the Cleveland Cavaliers who will play against the Chicago Bulls, followed by the Detroit Pistons against the Atlanta Hawks, and finally the New Orleans Pelicans against the Golden State Warriors.  

After recruiting new college players, practicing during the offseason, and figuring out game plans, the NBA is officially ready to kick off the season. With only three games occurring today the rest of the teams will be ready tomorrow to start their run for the NBA title.  President Barack Obama will be in attendance for the Bulls and Cavaliers game on Tuesday evening in Chicago. As King James and the Cavaliers strive for another run at the finals, they would have to get by Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls. The Cavaliers will have the crowd against them, however; it has not stopped them before.  

Therefore, as the NBA season starts several questions will spark on which team will win the NBA title. Polls have shown that the Cavaliers will make it back to the finals, however; several are also stating the Warriors as the favorites. Although these teams are predicted, anything can happen this season. Therefore, which team are you rooting for? Will your team make it to the NBA Finals?  What are your overall impressions of the NBA tip-offs? Stay tuned for more recent updates on the 2015-2016 NBA season.   


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