Drudis Art Gallery presents: “No Human is Illegal” exhibit featuring “The History of the Poster”

Written by Tamara Murga, Editor-in-Chief

Monday, October 26 marked the opening of the exhibit “No Human is Illegal” with guest speaker David Edwards Bryd, on the history of the poster at MSMU’s art gallery.

Guests were welcomed to the opening reception with free cake, coffee, tea, and an evening full of awe moments. Posters of all shapes and sizes filled the white spaces of the gallery. Though many galleries have a particular piece that stands out, this collection grabbed every eye from every corner and angle. The use of bright colors, bold letter forms, and striking photographs, packaged an everlasting message: ” No human being is illegal.”

art gallery
Students analyze the “What’s the difference between English only and White’s only” poster.

Among the many posters displayed, several guests photographed one that said, “What’s the difference between English only and White’s only?” Another popularly photographed stated, “Undocumented, unafraid, and unapologetic,” with a woman of color in cap and gown underneath the phrase.

Student Jessica Lopez shared her thoughts on the exhibit. She said, “it showed the ‘Dolor, valor, y sufrimiento’ that my own parents have undergone. It reminded me that I am the product of a sacrifice.”

After some exploration, guests were brought to a seating area where speaker David Bryd began his presentation titled, Bombast and & Ballyhoo The Power of the Poster. Works like “The Great Waves of Kanagawa” to the ubiquitous “Uncle Sam: I Want You” were examined. He stated that there is great power in, “the marriage of text and image.” For centuries, the poster continues to be a form of communication that can deliberately send a message as bold as, ” No Human Being is Illegal.”

art 2
David Bryd sharing the famous “I Want You” poster.

Though Bryd’s presentation is no longer available on campus, you can still check out the “No Human Being is Illegal: Posters on the myths and realities of the immigrant experience” exhibit in Drudis Art Gallery. It will remain open until November 21. Hours are Monday-Thursday and Saturdays from 12-5pm.


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