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Things I’ve learned as a writer/journalism student

Written by Jessica Flores, Treasurer

1. Don’t take anything personal. As a staff writer for my school’s yearbook, our advisor edits our pieces down to its core. I’ve learned that she is only trying to help me and challenge my writing. Professors will also do this, so don’t take anything personal. They’re here to help you.

2. will become your new best friend. It is encouraged that you don’t use the same verbs constantly. Therefore, when you’re having a hard time trying to think of a different word for “stated” or “said,” say hello to  (just make sure it makes sense.)

3. Edit your work. The last thing you want is for your editor or professor to point out simple grammar mistakes all because you didn’t proofread. Ask a friend to edit your work. Sometimes a different eye will catch something you didn’t.

4. Being shy will not help you. I don’t consider myself a super shy person, but I’m definitely not the loudest person in the room. What I have learned is that being shy will not help you when it comes to interviewing people- especially when you’re on a deadline. I’m slowly, but surely getting used to this one.

5. Not everyone will like/agree with your work. I’ve come to accept that it’s okay if someone doesn’t like what I write. People have different opinions and mindsets. Your job is to make it clear that your reader understands what you’re saying, which will lead them to formulate their own views.

6. Be patient. It can be very annoying when you’re waiting on someone to respond to your emails/questions, but you must remind yourself that people have their own lives. You must have a backup plan if this happens.

7. Your journal is your best friend. Besides as your best friend, here’s one you will create a special bond with. Your journal is crucial when it comes to practicing your writing. When in doubt, write it out. And last but not least…

8. Be confident. Your voice is shown through your writing. This was one of the main reasons I took a long time to create my blog. I’ve learned to be confident in what I write because, at the end of the day, your opinions are the only one that matters. You are your worst critic.


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