Lava Mae offers innovative help for homeless community

Written by Tamara Murga, Editor-in-Chief

Oxford Dictionary:

innovative- (adj) (Of a product, idea, etc.) featuring new methods; advanced and original. 

That is exactly what Lava Mae is.

According to SFGate, the number of homeless people on San Francisco’s streets is 6,686, or 3.8 percent more than in 2013. With a growing number, Lava Mae decided to reach out to several of them in a very innovative way.

Here are two videos on the what and why about this innovative outreach.

AJ+ shares the what:

Lava Mae’s why:

Lava Mae’s website shares how the founder, Doniece Sandoval, heard the cries of a homeless woman in San Francisco who thought she would never be clean again. Sandoval’s inspiration sparked from thereon. With a huge passion for helping the homeless community and interest in the mobile food truck movement, Lava Mae was born.

Their mission is founded by three simple but powerful and meaningful beliefs:
1. “Everyone has the right to be clean.”
2. “Those experiencing homelessness can’t access jobs and housing or maintain health and wellbeing if they can’t get clean.”
3. “With hygiene comes dignity; with dignity, opportunity.”

All through, “one mobile shower at a time.”

To learn more about this innovative organization, get involved, and support Lava Mae, visit:

Their website 





*feature photo from Lava Mae’s website. 


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