Donald Trump deports idolizing woman

Written by Beatriz Garay, Staff Writer

Presidential candidate Donald Trump does not cease to surprise society. Miriam Witcher, a Pan-American woman, proclaimed her love and support for Donald Trump during his rally in Las Vegas last week when she climbed onstage.
As reported on CNN, she yelled variations of “I love Mr. Trump!” and “All the way to the White House!”
Following the rally, Trump invited her to dinner. What? The Donald Trump invited an immigrant woman to have dinner with him? Here comes the interesting part, though. While at dinner, according to Actualidad Panamericana, immigration services showed up at the restaurant after receiving a tip from a “patriot with a toupee.” Authorities later stated that her green card, printed on cardboard, was evidently falsified.

The woman, with uncontrolled tears, looked for her idol’s help. She begged, “Dr. Trump.”

He, on the other hand, only slightly turned his face and said to her, “[o]r you speak American or you get out.”

When asked about the situation, Miriam Wilcher, whose real name is Miriam Encanto, reaffirmed, “me deporta pero me quiere, y estoy dispuesta a luchar, porque él me prometió que iba a cambiar.” This translates to, “[h]e deports me, but he loves me, and I am determined to fight because he promised me that he was going to change.”

Many critics are saying that Trump might have paid her to do and say what she did. Other’s believe her ignorance and obliviousness paved way to a manipulative situation. What do you think about this quirky businessman?


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