Dodgers loss in game 5

Written by Cindy Carrillo, President

In game 5 of the National League Division Series, The Los Angeles Dodgers took on the New York Mets in LA with game time at 5 p.m. With the series being tied at 2-2, the winner of this game determined who would move on to the National League Championship.

The team came out with their one-two punch, as Clayton Kershaw pitched in game 4, and Zack Greinke starting game 5. With the Mets first up to bat, they scored one run in the top of the first inning, and the Dodgers came back scoring two in the bottom of the same inning.

Greinke pitched up to the top of the seventh inning, who was then replaced by Luis Avilan.
The New York Mets had pitcher Jacob deGrom start the game, who allowed only two runs in the bottom of the first, later to be the Dodger’s only runs to score. Mets scored one run in the first, fourth and sixth inning, totalling the final score of three runs.

As the game proceeded, Dodger fans anticipated the team to pull through. The hashtag #dodgers  and #LALovesOctober were trending throughout various social media sites. For fans who were unable to attend, the Dodger’s own Twitter and homepage kept live updates on the game.

Dodger pitcher Kenley Jansen was brought in at the top of the ninth to finish out the game with A.J. Ellis, as the catcher. As Mets pitcher, Jeurys Familia came up to bat at the top of the ninth with two outs, and runners on first and second, the pressure was on for Familia to get a hit. Fortunately for the Dodgers, Jansen was successful in striking Familia out, which lead them to their last ups with the Mets, up 3-2. With two strikeouts, Dodger’s pitcher, Jansen, was last up to bat with all eyes on him for a hit. Unfortunately, Jansen struck out in just the three pitches, resulting in the Mets rushing the field in high spirits for the win.

Both teams played hard throughout the game though the boys in blue fell a bit short. This loss is just a minor setback, as there is always next year for the Los Angeles Dodgers to come back stronger and better than this season. In good fashion, good luck to the Mets as they proceed to the National League Championship against the Chicago Cubs.


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