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Feel the thrill at Knott’s Scary Farm

Written by Beatriz Garay, Staff Writer

October! October! October! Halloween is around the corner and if you still haven’t done anything to get in the spirit, check out Knott’s Scary Farm. It ends on Halloween night!

Knott’s Scary Farm has a variety of activities for the multitude of guests that attend. There are in total 1,000 monsters, including the deadly seven sins, roaming around the park. Knott’s also has eleven amazing mazes such as Pinocchio Unstrung, the highly popular Paranormal Inc, and with a special key, you can unlock even more spectacular terror.

You might want to consider purchasing the Season Pass for Knott’s Scary Farm, however. With the visitor count growing as Halloween approaches, enjoying all the activities in one night seems far-fetched. With the pass, it’s easier to return and visit all the mazes, enjoy the DJ in Fiesta Village, and witness the comedic, “The Hanging.”

You might even bump into celebrities during your visit. Just two weeks ago, Vanessa Hudgens, Victoria Justice, Derek Hough, and Drew Van Acker, among many others were spotted around the park. I am a Knott’s employee in the Games department and during my shift, Drew Van Acker approached my game and asked me for directions. After realizing I was a Pretty Little Liars fan, he thanked me, shook my hand, and departed. (Drew Van Acker plays Jason on the PLL).

Maybe you’ll have your own story to tell, and remember, “Whatever you’re imagining, it’s here,” but only if you attend Knott’s Scary Farm that is.

For more information on dates and prices visit their site here.


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