The Athenian Print presents: The Circle series

The Athenian Print special

Mount students enrolled in the Journalism 110 course, Ethics and Legalities, have redefined the term, final project. When the semester commenced, students were asked to choose a topic of interest that they will conduct in-depth research, interviews, and presentations on throughout the course. In the end, they will report it in class under the course’s mission to develop individual ethical standards while understanding the legalities behind them. However, a group of students have decided to reach out to The Athenian Print and invite the student body and community to be a part of their projects in an educational and conversational way.

Some topics of choice include racial identity, animal rights, false accusations, Planned Parenthood public policy, sentencing differences between races, and more. Three students, in particular, created a special series with The Athenian Print, titled The Circle, to inform and engage their readers with weekly submissions about their topics. Cindy Carrillo will focus on the pros and cons of gentrification in the U.S., focusing closely in on Echo Park. Kimberly Quitzon will bring her readers a detailed timeline of women’s issues in the U.S. and tie history with today’s current affairs. Lastly, Tamara Murga will shine light on incredible stories of foreign-trained professionals who have struggled to re-license in the U.S. and how they overcame that, or could not.

Students who are not taking the course are sharing their thoughts on The Circle series. Here’s what sociology student, Anahi Dueñez, said:
“It is very important to be aware of what’s going on in the world, especially in our communities…I think it’s a very good idea to bring these topics up where we can share how we really feel about real social justice issues. Even if we don’t agree on certain issues, it’s just as important to have those thoughts out there.”

Course professor, Dr. Haggard, also contributed to the conversation. She said:
“Developing an ethical perspective and writing about issues that truly matter is a struggle in our culture that has become so overly obsessed with materialism, superficiality, and celebrity. While Entertainment news fills our screens, this series is an opportunity for journalism students to reclaim their voice, to educate Athenians on pressing issues affecting our communities, and to strive to become journalists that live up to the Mount’s Athenian Promise. We hope you will follow the series and tune into the issues Athenian’s are passionate about.”

Without further ado, The Athenian Print presents The Circle series. Stay tuned for other topics featured under The Circle and remember you can always share your comments in the comment box.


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