Gentrification in Echo Park

Written by Cindy Carrillo, The Circle series

Several urban cities experience gentrification throughout the Los Angeles area and other cities in the United States. Gentrification is purchasing and renovating businesses and homes in low-income communities by land developers. This act leads to an increase in property value and rent, sometimes culture, and the displacement of long-term residents.

This series aims to focus on Echo Park’s gentrification and the effects it has had on the community. Though this occurs all over the U.S., I will bring in-depth research and focus on the pros and cons of this topic as I have been personally affected by it and those around me. I have seen first hand, families who have suffered from house payments and displacement, despite them living in their homes and running their business for decades. Echo Park has gone through a wave of changes, some positive and others negative. Join me as I discover more stories, facts, and the connotations that come with the term gentrification. If you or someone you know has been affected by gentrification in any city, please feel free to comment or message me at in contacting me so that we may discuss the topic.


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