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A letter to a foreign-trained professional

Written by Tamara Murga, The Circle series

Dear papá,

It’s been about a month since you left home, here in Guatemala. How’s El Norte (the U.S.) treating you? I can’t stop looking at your photo, I keep it in my backpack and show all my friends at school. I tell them how proud I am to have a doctor as my father. Lucy says the same and mom cries almost every night. She still recalls the day that that mean gang destroyed your clinic. She’s so scared. But I’m not. I know I have a smart papá and that you’re setting up your new clinic in The States. I know it’s all going to be better for all of us from here on, right? We miss you and love you, Dr. Papá.

Siempre/ Always,
your daughter

The United States is the land that many doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals, from countries around the world, search for better opportunities. Many foreign-trained professionals escape poverty, gang violence, and lack of resources, leaving them without hope in their homeland. They realize that the path toward re-licensing in the U.S., however, is implausible. Aside from language barriers, caring for their families, and citizenship issues, internationally-trained professionals must pass an intricate and lengthy process to practice their professions. This series aims to shine light on the inspirational stories of these professionals and ways in which you can get involved in bettering this convoluted process.


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