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Nationals close out season with a No-Hitter

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer

A disappointing end to the season for the favored postseason contenders, the Washington Nationals, came as their season went down to an 83-79 record, seven games behind the New York Mets. However, it wasn’t a complete disappointment. Max Scherzer, the Nationals star pitcher, threw yet another no-hitter on Saturday night, marking his second no-hitter of the 2015 season. The Nationals, completely out of the postseason competition, will have to think about what changes they will have to make for the 2016 season. First, let’s talk about the dominant Max Scherzer. He pitched a season-high striking out 17 Mets. In total, he faced 28 batters. Scherzer became the only sixth pitcher in baseball to pitch two no-hitters in a season, his first no-hitter came against the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 20.

“Guys, I’m speechless about that,” said Scherzer during his post-game interview with Adam Rubin from ESPNNewYork.com.

If it weren’t for an error in the sixth inning, Max Scherzer would have had a perfect game, but in the end it didn’t matter because it was the perfect way for Scherzer to conclude his season. Overall, Scherzer concluded his first season with the Nationals with a 14-12 record and a 2.79 era. Now questions will spark for this upcoming season, but for now all Max Scherzer can do is live in the moment.


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