The 411 on the Honeymoon Tour

Written by Beatriz Garay, Staff Writer

The second leg of Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour finally came down to Los Angeles on Friday, September 11. Along with the addition of new tour dates, she added a special guest, known for his success in Bachata music, Prince Royce.

Prince Royce performing his fans favorite in dual languages.

The concert opened up with Prince Royce’s debut of his English songs at the Staples. Although he sang some of his English hits such as, “Stuck On A Feeling” ft. Sn
oop Dogg and “Back It Up” ft. Pitbull and JLo, he did not forget about his Latin fans. He kept his original bachata music on his setlist by including the classic “Darte Un Beso” and his bilingual version of “Stand By Me.”

Ariana always opens up with a bang! Thus, she opened her concert with the hit single, “Bang Bang” (pun intended.) The “bang” did not end there. When she sang “Best Mistake,” the stage’s main screen parted and we received her singing on a cloud. Literally, on a cloud. She also played with her vocals on an amplified glove that would record her voice and make it range drastically and repeatedly. When her set came to an end, “Break Free” and “Problem” were accompanied by firework sparks and confetti.

Upcoming show on September 26 in Brooklyn, NY.

Throughout the concert, she interacted with fans and ensured they had the best experience at the show, ultimately making it more intimate. It all came down to the moment she opened up her heart to the audience when she shared an audio clip of an inspirational quote her grandfather shared with her a few weeks before he passed away.

As a huge fan of both artists, I honestly think it was an incredible concert. I had the luxury of experiencing two of my favorite artists for the price of one. Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan or have not heard their music, their amazing vocal capabilities will leave you speechless. If you ever get the chance to see either artist live, take the opportunity.
To find out more about upcoming shows for Ariana Grande’s tour check out her site for details.




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