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Scratch that, Magic number three is more like it

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer
The magic number ten is now at an unbelievable magic number three. As the Dodgers continue their miraculous run toward another postseason, the odds are getting closer and closer. After beating the Diamondbacks these last two games, the fans can smell the glory. However, the Dodgers would have to celebrate on the road when they play against the Colorado Rockies this weekend and go on to play the Giants on Monday. With only three games to secure a spot on the postseason, the Dodgers will most likely succeed it on the road.

Will they make the postseason this weekend? Would they wait until they play against their rivals, the San Francisco Giants? There have been three teams that have clinched a spot in the postseason: The St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Kansas City Royals. As the Dodgers inch closer and closer, the question is, whom will they face? With several spots still left in the postseason, the odds may very well be with the Dodgers. Stay tuned during the month of October. Postseason officially starts October 6. Therefore, for all you Dodger or baseball fans, this October will keep you at the edge of your seats.


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