MSMU’s soccer team ready to kick off the season

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer


With a rapidly moving fall semester, the MSMU soccer team has its first match of the season on October third. The team had their first successful set of tryouts on September third. Twelve returning players encouraged those who came for the first time to strive hard to fill all 22 spots. After some weeks of hard work and dedication, the MSMU soccer team aims to make history once again. For those unaware, MSMU’s soccer team made history last year by introducing the first ever soccer team at the institution.

Last year’s soccer team huddling up during practice. Stay tuned for this year’s newest faces.

After several tough games with UCLA, San Jose State, UCI, and Claremont, the girls are trying to tackle down a win for the Mount. “With hard work and dedication we hope to manage it this year,” says Rebecca Hernandez ‘17.

The girls have worked extremely hard these past couple of weeks in order to prepare for October’s matchups. Their first task: defeat the University of San Diego. As they prepare to travel, the team has a few ideas on how to prepare for the game. Staying hydrated, eating healthy snacks, and listening to music will prepare these young ladies to make history once again. Each and every player is showing their commitment out on the field in order to bring home another piece of history thus far. Now the toughest task is out in front of them. Will MSMU’s soccer team make history once again? How long until their first win? With only a couple weeks of practices left, are these young ladies mentally prepared for the tasks that are to come? Stay tuned for the most recent update on how our soccer team matches up against USD.


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