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Latest changes to the MSMU café

Written by Suad Turjman, Staff Writer

When students started classes on August 24th, they stumbled upon new changes to the Mount Café. This semester, the café has a few new additions, including fruit-infused water, take-out containers, and a waffle maker with different types of waffle mix.

infused water

Infused-water at the Mount Café. What’s your favorite mix?

The fruit-infused water comes in three different flavors per day, some of which include: cucumber-lemon, pear-orange, strawberry-kiwi and more.

When Mount Saint Mary’s cafeteria decided to “go green,” they added ECO-containers. These are plastic reusable containers that are exchanged for a keychain. However, issues such as losing and stealing the keychains came into the picture. People then began to take dishware to class and dormitories. The issues doubled as the list of missing dishware doubled. As a result, ant infestations erupted in areas found farther from the cafeteria like classrooms and dorms.

With take-out containers, though, the issue mitigates. It adds an extra $0.50 to your final cost, but in my opinion, it is well worth it. I know, I know, it’s not eco-friendly, but it is a much better alternative.
Finally, my personal favorite, the waffle maker has made the mornings of the students at the Mount. Before, waffles were plain and prepared. Now, you can make your own fresh waffles with plain, blueberry, and cinnamon waffle mix.

Here are some students’ opinions on changes to the Mount Café:

“[I love] the fruit-infused water! It’s tasty and refreshing,” –Sherring Guo, Class of 2016

“I think the fruit-infused water is such a refreshing drink and it’s a nice substitute when you don’t really want to drink soda [or] coffee,” –Melanie Ortega, Class of 2019.

“The fruit-infused water is awesome especially with all the heat lately. The takeout containers make it easier for people who don’t have time to sit and eat in the cafe. I also have noticed fewer dishes laying around campus,” Natalie King, Class of 2016.

“Love it all! Fruit-infused water saves so much time because I used to just make my own with the fruit from the salad bar. The to-go containers are awesome that they brought them back because I would always forget my Eco-To-Go key chain and the containers are biodegradable, so yay!” Daicia Bradberry, Class of 2016.

“I’m glad to hear they have these options now. Not having to-go boxes was such a pain in my last year. I’m on campus every now and then for an alumni class, so it’s nice to see there are more positive changes to the café instead of the negative ones it was inundated within 2013-2014.” – Emmalee Fowler, Class of 2014.


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