Update: Serena Williams loses her calendar Grand Slam to Roberta Vinci

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer

It’s going to be the talk of the year. Serena Williams, the number one
tennis player in the world and favorite to win the U.S. Open has just lost to Roberta Vinci, the Italian player who has never reached a Grand Slam final.

The pressure heated up for Serena each game at the U.S. Open because a myriad amount of fans knew what was at stake for her. At first it seemed like it would be a routine win for her because Vinci was outnumbered to win the match 300-1. Yet, no one expected the number one tennis player to fall to a player that is ranked number 43 in the world. Now, because Serena is out for the Grand Slam title it will be two Italians seeking the title of the U.S. Open. Flavia Pennetta, who has beat Simona Halep early in the day, will face off against her fellow Italian native Roberta Vinci for the title tomorrow.

As for all Serena fans who would like to know how she will be able to come back from this drastic upset, what emotions
do you think are going through her head? Will she be able to
bounce back next year and try it again? What will be Serena’s
reaction in the press conference? Stay tuned to find out more.


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