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A sisterly battle for a calendar Grand Slam

Written by Liz Charre, Staff Writer

Many tennis fans wait impatiently for this weekend to see if Serena Williams will be able to complete a calendar Grand Slam. She has already completed her second Serena-slam, but will she sweep the board?

Her ultimate test was to face her older sister, Venus, in the Quarterfinals. Though the Williams sisters have battled it out on the court before, this match proved to be one Serena’s toughest challenge as she continues to attempt her ultimate goal of marking a Grand Slam year. With a score of 6-2, Serena dominated Venus throughout the entire first set. As the second set took its toll, Serena shocked the crowd by winning only one game in the entire set. With that, the sisters needed to go to a deciding third set to determine who would play against Vinci, the Italian player appearing in her first ever Grand Slam semi-final. The Williams each gave an 110% effort to win the match, but in the end Serena took the winning title.

After the battle, both sisters showed great sportsmanship by smiling, hugging, and sharing a couple of jokes. A heart-warming photo and caption, posted by Serena on Instagram, stated:

She has my heart. ❤️ Memories make my heart filled with more joy than I can express. A lifetime with@venuswilliams will not be enough.

In order for Serena to continue a remarkable run for a calendar Grand Slam, she will have to face Roberta Vinci. Will the Williams sister succeed in winning a calendar Grand Slam? Who will she face in the final? What will be her biggest challenge for these last couple of matches?


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