Can you spot the meaning behind MSMU’s logo?

Written by Jessica Flores, Treasurer

As returning students start to settle into a new semester, freshmen commencing their new journey, staff creating bigger and better ideas for the student body, and faculty continuing to inspire students everyday with knowledge, there is something we can all relate to-change.

Can you spot the meaning behind the logo?

With the school’s recent name alteration from College to University, change is prominent in the most positive ways on both campuses. Perhaps one of the biggest changes yet, but smallest in size is the university’s new logo.

What many might not consider, however, is the creativity behind the logo’s representation. Take the logo as a whole and you’ll find a cross in between the two shields representing MSMU as a Catholic-based institution. The two different shades of purple that make up the shields represent both the Chalon and Doheny campus. The yellow stripes above mimic the pages of a book to stand for education and knowledge. And last but not least, the bird on the top symbolizes the student body flying away with the knowledge acquired at the school.

Mind blowing? Yes, and it is safe to say that change is not always a bad thing. As the university continues to evolve, Mount Saint Mary’s traditions and culture will always remain the same. 


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