Student Involvement Fair 2015-2016: Under each white tent

Written by Tamara Murga, Editor-in-Chief

Students sign up to participate in a raffle and get more information on the fair

Large white tents covered in colorful banners, poster boards, and giveaways hugged the center area of the Chalon campus for its annual Student Involvement Fair at The Mount. Students of all majors and years joined in as the clubs and organizations welcomed them for a fun and educational afternoon.

The tents were home to Career Services and Internships, Alumnae Relations, Mathletes, African American Council of Women, Pangkat Pilipino, Ballet Folklorico, Phi Alpha Delta, Operation Smile, and many more. Other students waited their turn to sign up, shared some laughs, and danced to the vibrant tunes provided by AMP Radio.

Athenians join in on a little dance session during the fair.

Director of the university’s Women’s Leadership department, Rosalyn Kempf, reminds everyone why it is important to hold events such as the Student Involvement Fair. “It is an opportunity for students, especially new students, to see all the departments and clubs in one place all at once,” says Kempf. “It’s a great time to sign up and get free stuff. Students can make friends, get support, and the better they have all of this, the better they do in class.”

Among the myriad amount of attendees, freshman student Yahaira Hernandez thought it was a great turnout as she can finally check the Student Involvement Fair off her welcoming. When asked what kind of club she would like to see next year, she answered, “a baking club because as a commuter sometimes it’s hard to bring food from home with all the morning rush. It would be nice to have a place to make something fresh and from scratch here on campus.”

Japanese Cultural Appreciation Club inviting students under their white tent.

Students like Brendan Tsai find that balance is important when choosing a club to join. “I don’t have a lot of time to join so many, as a nursing student. So, I joined some dance clubs and primarily nursing clubs to help me practice my skills and help others at the same time.”

Slowly, sign up sheets filled up, tables cleared up, and students left to class again after yet another successful Student Involvement Fair. To those who did not have a chance to make it, each resource office and club welcome questions and concerns throughout the entire academic year. Tune in next time for more #unstoppable events.


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