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Le Pain Quotidien: organic heaven

 Written by Jessica Flores, Staff Writer 

Every Sunday consists of my mother and me going to the Larchmont Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles, where we have priceless conversations over coffee and enjoy the intimacy of some mother-daughter time. This past Sunday went a little different. Instead of the farmer’s market, we visited Le Pain Quotidien. It is a bakery and café that cherishes simplicity. Le Pain Quotidien translates to the daily bread.

As we enter, I notice how simple the restaurant is: wooden tables, brick walls, and black chalkboards with the menu written on them. We look at the menu and notice its contents, to which all are organic. And when I say all, I literally mean everything: eggs, avocado, berries, salt, butter, hot sauce, hot chocolate, jams, etc. The waiter’s uniform, a basic t-shirt, reads “100% organic cotton,” so I guess you can say the clothing too. It’s simplistically designed menu contains meals like omelettes, tartines, salads, and soups. I think to myself: “I am literally in organic heaven. I love it!”

I order an avocado and tomato omelette, accompanied by their famous bread and a simple kale salad with olive oil drizzled over it. My mother orders the same, plus a Belgium waffle with berries for us to share.

The first bite of my omelette is amazing. A spread of their tomato salsa makes it 100 times better. It tastes healthy yet so delicious. I feel like I can eat this every day and not have to worry about the calories. The waffle is also tasty though it is as small as my iPhone. Bummer. My vanilla latte, however, is a cup sent from the coffee heavens. It’s richness stimulates my brain. I savour the bread with the jams available on the table. My favorite is the apricot jam. (To die for!)

Le Pain Quotidien is definitely a place I will come back to experience more organic dishes. You can come hungry, enjoy a healthy meal, and leave satisfied without feeling sluggish.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend trying Le Pain Quotidien. There are locations in Santa Monica, Brentwood, Glendale, Pasadena, Marina Del Rey and many more. To learn more, check out their website here.


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