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MSMU’s leader with a vision

Written by Cindy Carrillo, Vice President

On Thursday April 2, Mount Saint Mary’s University released the winners of the annual Chalon Associated Student Body Elections, with Blanca Dueñas as the new Student Body President.

Blanca&President  (1)

Blanca (left) receiving the first ever “Unstoppable Award” by President Ann McElaney-Johnson.

She is currently a third-year student majoring in Social Work and Gerontology. Her exceptional leadership roles, before holding presidency, (i.e.. ASB Ambassador, ASB Commuter Senator, and ASB Sophomore Senator), helped her stand out among an elite group of runners.

When asked why she ran for President, she said, “As an Athenian, I know my fellow Athenians [male and female] are known to question what hasn’t been questioned. Therefore, I trust and believe we hold the power to make our legacy. A legacy that will guide the future of Athenians to become the best women and men society has ever seen. Also, I want to make sure everyone has a voice, is heard and is accurately represented.”

Blanca has shown that in order to have Athenians exercise their voice, she must listen. She has already done so by connecting with students through social medias, school-wide events, including one-on-one sessions with students. Being president will “take [her] undivided attention” as it will be the only leadership position she will have in the upcoming year.

On a final note to students who wish to run for office or get involved, Blanca shared:

               Be yourself and don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable when

              taking a leadership role. There is only one of you which means

             you can contribute to a team in a way no other leader can. So

            just do it!


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