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First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland on the 2015 Status of Women

Written by Cindy Carrillo, Vice President 


Amy Elaine Wakeland at the 2015 Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California

The first keynote speaker on the morning of the public release of the 2015 Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California, was First Lady Amy Elaine Wakeland, wife of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.
In a sleek and form fitting white dress, accentuated with gorgeous emerald green stone earrings, Wakeland approached the stage with much elegance.
Following her husband’s video message to the audience, she began by stating that, “[p]romoting women’s leadership has been a focus for the Garcetti mayoral administration since day one.” Wakeland has given an inspirational woman’s insight into the issues women and girls continue to face in 2015 by discussing her agenda. She also shared that growing up, her mother always showed strength and courage and has seen in her mother, the power, and potential one woman can offer to the world. By working with her husband, she has influenced him to take further action in contributing to the growth of women leadership throughout the Los Angeles area.
Wakeland also shared shocking statistics that displayed how misrepresented women are in California. She said,“Latinas, for example, are the most underrepresented group of women in the LA city leadership.” The statement was alarming to many as Latinas have become a majority, rather than a minority in Los Angeles. Though some Latina women serve as a great example of what it is to be a leader, not many are represented, or given the opportunity to hold a high-ranking job title. Wakeland is a wonderful role model for all young men and women in society who wish to strive for equality in all aspects of life and never stop working for the greater good of the people.

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