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Cinderella returns to theaters

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Disney’s Cinderella in theaters March 13.

Written by Bianca Silva, President

The Walt Disney classic “Cinderella,” returns to theaters this March! Inspired by the timeless Cinderella story, the film is brought to life for a whole new generation in a stunning production fit for the whole family.

The story follows the life of young Ella who is very close to her parents. Her father soon remarried after the death of Ella’s mother. Eager to stand behind her father’s happiness, Ella welcomes her new stepmother into her home and remembering her mother’s advice: “Have courage and be kind.”

Soon after, Ella’s father goes away for a few months when he abruptly dies and she find herself helpless at the hands of her evil stepmother and jealous stepsisters, Drisella and Anastasia. After some time of being bossed around and ridiculed by her new family, she is cruelly nicknamed Cinderella. She begins to see herself as nothing more than a maid and she loses any hope she had held on to. Despite her poor spirits, Ella overpowers and is determined to honor her mother’s advice to continue to be kind to her stepmother and stepsisters.

Saddened and frustrated, Cinderella takes her horse out for a ride through the forest where she meets a handsome stranger named Kit. He tells Ella that he is simply an apprentice at the Palace, and not the prince of the land. After meeting the prince, Ella is in high spirits for days to follow.

Later, the Palace sends out an open invitation for all the maidens of the land to attend the ball, leaving Ella excited and optimistic about meeting Kit once again. Eagerly, she gets ready for the ball, puts on one of her mother’s old dresses and prepares to leave with a huge smile on her face. Her evil stepmother rips the dress before she and her daughters leave for the ball without Ella.

To Ella’s surprise, her fairy godmother approaches her to help. She transforms Ella’s ripped dress into a beautiful blue gown, a pumpkin into a carriage and animals into coachmen with just a flick of her wand and sends her off to the ball.

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The return of Cinderella stayed true to the animated film.

Once she arrives, she is instantly spotted by Kit and spends his time with her all night. When the clock turns midnight, Ella hurries off leaving him with only one glass slipper to remember her by. The next day, Kit sends his king’s men to find the mysterious girl he fell in love with at the ball. He gives them the glass slipper and instructs them to try it on all the maidens in the land until they found Ella.

When the king’s men approach Ella’s home they hear her singing from her tower and ask to try on the slipper on her. Against her stepmother’s wishes, the prince goes to Ella’s tower to find that the slipper is a perfect fit. Ella is swept off her feet by the prince to rule the land by his side and live happily ever after.


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