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Flask Mob: the 411

Written by Kim Quitzon, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Thousands of photographers flooded the 7th St. bridge in Los Angeles on Saturday Jan. 31, for Flask Mob’s monthly Instagram meet. Flask Mob, Conquer LA, and We Own the Night teamed up to create the biggest photography meet the cosmopolitan city has seen.


Mistaken for a protest, police arrive at the photo meet and divide up the crowd. -Photo by Mark Escalante



Artists spit fire, lit fireworks and spun flaming steel wool to create long exposure images of light. The group redirected their path when the police arrived. Many stayed on the bridge while others walked to a nearby alley. As the photographers took artistic pictures in the alley, police arrived dressed in full riot gear to barricade the group for nearly two hours.

“We thought you guys were having an outdoor EDM party,” says Officer Navarro of the LAPD.

News helicopters mistakenly reported the meet for a huge protest until the police confirmed it was a photography meet. After two hours, the police allowed people to leave the alley ten at a time.


Photographers gather around the “flaming steel wool” performers. -Photo by Mark Escalante

The photography meet originated in San Francisco. Artists come from all over the state to run with the mob, and network with fellow photographers.

Up and coming photographer Anthony Arroyo says, “Even though we all have different styles and get different outcomes, we’re all out here for the same purpose to take the picture that will get us noticed.”

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