First time Flask Mob(er)

Written by Michelle Balingit, Staff Writer

Photographers capture the “colored smoke bombs” throughout the event.

I heard of Flask Mob, a photography meet, from one of the people I follow on Instagram. In collaboration with @flaskmob, @conquer_la, and @weownthenight_la. Flask Mob originated in San Francisco and the rest in Los Angeles. With constant posts online about the event, I thought I would pay a visit. I figured this Los Angeles meet would be a great start. 

The turnout was great. Over 900+ photographers arrived at the meetup venue. As soon as I got to the venue, several photographers were already taking photographs of what was going on. There were people who lit up steel wool, sparklers, and colored smoke bombs, and breathed fire. Many dressed up in grunge-like attire and masks were the most popular among the crowd. We all aspired to do one thing photograph the night. That in itself was a fun experience as we all helped each other along the way.

Many wore their most captivating attire to capture the eyes of photographers.

Unfortunately, the crowd was mistaken for protestors and rave rebels by the Los Angeles Police Department. The event ended soon after.

Despite that, it was a memorable night. I met a lot of people who shared the same artistic interests I do and explored several places in Los Angeles I did not know about throughout the night. I plan on making more trips to photography meets to practice my interests and continue meeting people who wish the same.


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