Mount Community Night

Written by Tamara Murga, Editor-in-Chief

Performers gather to receive their awards for Mount Community Night on Feb. 19.

Have you ever wondered what hidden talents students at Mount Saint Mary’s Unversity have? On Thursday February 19th, fifteen students showcased their talents for the highly anticipated Mount Community Night event.

The Chalon Student Activities Council set up the Hollywood-themed show in the Hanon Theater with special Hollywood-like lighting, gold stars, and a giant Oscars life-sized statue. Before the opening, Student Activities Council member Lizzie Hernandez said, “I am anticipated to see several acts as we planned for this night for a really long time.”

Kimberly Quitzon and Francesca Diaz opened the show with quotes and jokes to set the mood as the performers lined up behind the curtains. With a memorable Kung Fu performance, Khanha Vong was first up. Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, a duo from the Prince of Egypt, a Regional Mexican dance, and a comic “Climbing Uphill” performance were among the many acts of the night.

Monalisa Fortuna was ready to sing Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love,” when the audio faced technical difficulties for her background music. Instead of remaining motionless on stage, she proudly turned the musical performance into an acapella version. She said, “I was a little nervous, but I knew I had to make the best of it.”

The judges announced the winners by the end of the show. OnJonet Williams placed Third for her Spoken Word poem. In Second Place, Regina Averion, Elise Hukom, and Jean Navarro won for their Top Hits of 2014 Mashup. Alanah Nicosia received First Place for her remarkable “Think of Me” performance from the Phantom of the Opera.
The show left many students inspired, and family members proud. Dr. Ann McElaney, President of the University, said she “loved to see all the different types of talents our students have. Amazing performances!”


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