Fifty Shades of Grey, a review

Written by Cindy Carrillo, Vice President 

“…I suggest the characters be more realistic…”

From not having read the novels, the movie wasn’t all that horrible. I do, however, admit that I had higher expectations, but if you are debating on seeing the film, go.

While listening to several local Los Angeles radio stations, the film reviews varied. One female said that in comparison to the books, the movie “sucked.” Another listener said that both the book and film were horrible. It seems to happen more often than not where fans of a novel dislike the films due to the lack of details and changes in the storyline. My male friend opined that the film applauded male dominance. My perspective was that the plot was unorganized as it went from Grey “sexually” torturing Steele to following her around the United States. She was never out of his sight, which came off as comedic in some scenes. 

It appeared that Steele gave Grey a hard time because she was hurt by the other fifteen women he had before her. The contracts seemed to be the only concern on Grey’s mind  as he wanted to take control over Steele in every aspect, from buying her a new car to performing sexual acts. Grey wanted his way or no way.

As for the sex scenes, to which Grey claims he does not make love, but rather, “(he) fucks,” I felt as though I was watching a cheesy porn-like movie. Steele’s lip biting was exaggerated and not seducing. Grey’s “play room” was a sight to see. He had a large collection of toys and his ease to which he used them scared me more than anything. His frustration and obsession with Steele was a mixture of a passionate connection and abuse (i.e. Steele crying from being spanked.) 

The chemistry between the two actors was clearly lacking and hurt the overall aura of the film.The sex scenes needed fewer orgasms and more involvement from Steele. Nonetheless, as a fan of films, I am looking forward to the next two editions though I greatly suggest that the characters be more realistic during their conversations outside of the “play room.”


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