Bassnectar concludes tour in SF

Written by Bianca Silva, President

nvsb tour
Bassnectar closes out his “Noise vs. Beauty” tour in San Francisco, CA on Nov. 8.

Last Saturday, Nov. 8, Bassnectar one of the biggest names in EDM, played a sold-out show as the concluding stop of his latest tour, Noise vs. Beauty, in his hometown of San Francisco, CA. Everyone was so pumped just to be a part of it; Bay Area residents were especially hyped to give Bassnectar the rowdiest of homecomings. A few times during the show, he even stopped and expressed how good it felt for him to close his biggest tour yet at a sold-out show in his hometown.

Bassnectar respectively holds one of the most devoted fanbases in all of EDM. No matter what city he is in, he is welcomed by thousands of his fans, which he calls Bass Heads, swarming from all over to experience the speaker-busting bass his shows bring to every town.

Over his 2013 tour, 160,000 tickets were sold for his solo dates, some shows even totaling to over 10,000 attendees—that’s a lot of Bass Heads! This tour was no different. Whether at a festival or solo show, there is almost no noticeable difference in the amount of people that gravitate to his music in either setting. The beauty of catching him in a city when he is on tour is that you are surrounded by people who traveled from various places for the same reason you did—it’s a beautiful thing to experience.

Bassnectar goes further than solely nurturing his community of loyal Bass Heads, but also contributing to the global community by donating one dollar from every ticket sold from his shows directly to a charity through the “Dollar Per Bass Head” program. Through this program, he most recently donated all the earnings from his November 1st Day of the Dead event to the Brittany Maynard Foundation, an issue he feels affects all of his fans.

Bassnectar has always encouraged his fans to take care of each other and respect one another, creating an environment where music can be enjoyed to its fullest degree.

For more information on Bassnectar, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, or SoundCloud


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