Flask Mob takes over LA

Written by Kimberly Quitzon, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Photographers join Flask Mob in Downtown Los Angeles. Flask Mob gets photographers together via social media for a night of photography.

Sparks flew in downtown Los Angeles the day after Halloween when photographers got together to roam the city.

The artists started walking from Chinatown and finished between the buildings of the L.A. skyline, wearing masks, face paint, and equipped with fireworks. The group named Flask Mob is famous for their time lapse and long exposure pictures of people spinning steel wool on fire, creating a beautiful image of moving light.

“It’s a cool way for creative people to get together and take awesome pictures in L.A.,” photographer Mark Escalante said.

Originated in San Francisco, the idea was to use social media so people can get together face-to-face. Although the level of photography may be intimidating, all are welcome to join the group and tour the city.

“I learned about this on Instragram, and I had to come,” a Peruvian photographer said.


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