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Halloween at LA’s Haunted Hayride

Written by Alejandra Hernandez, Treasurer 

This October get spooked at LA’s frightful attraction, The Haunted Hayride located at Griffith Park.

The attraction is composed of a tractor pulling visitors on a pile of scattered hay as they experience gruesome scenes of aliens, evil trick-or-treaters, and killer clowns with chainsaws. The hayride is located up in the hills of Griffith Park where the zoo was once located. Its seclusion makes it more eerie. Once you enter, you encounter the limitless line to the “In Between the Dark Maze,” where people face their greatest fears as they walk individually through the dark with just a glow stick as light.

As you continue to walk into the hay-filled area, you are led to the entrance of the main event, as monsters approach you while walking in line. Television sets placed all around show scary flicks, such as the “The Shining.”

If you survive the hayride, you are free to visit other attractions, such as a carousel that rides backwards on the corpses of horses. There is also a section hidden with palm readers and psychics for those who want to know their future. 

The Haunted Hayride is a great event to visit this Halloween, and it is an exceptional price to have the pants scared off of you.


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