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LA County Fair

Written by Jamila Valiente, Staff Writer

The LA County Fair has been hosted every year since 1922, first debuting with 100,000 in attendance to a breaking 150,000 in 2013. Many Californians would agree that it is an experience worth attending.

And this year, the LA County Fair did not disappoint.

With a history of 92 years of entertainment at Fairplex, Pomona, the LA County Fair hosts something new and something familiar for everyone, whether you’re coming to the fair for the first time or for the fiftieth time. With places to stay for the weekend to the fair food staples, the LA County Fair is an event that every family member can enjoy.

But, what separates the LA County Fair from other local fairs?

One of the top reasons why people attend is for the variety of food offered. This fair is known to have unlimited creations to the fried foods collection. From the typical French fries to the exotic fried lobster on a stick, there are many foods dipped in delicious batter for the ultimate fried taste to make one’s cholesterol levels sky rocket.

In 2013, 25,000 deep-fried Oreos were sold at the fair; the Oreos dipped in batter goodness is gradually becoming one of the most favored fried foods at the fair. The LA County Fair is also one of the first locations in the US to sell Spaghetti Ice Cream, a new, bizarre taste to appeal to the brave food testers who love spaghetti and ice cream, yet haven’t tried it in one combined taste.

So, what else is at the fair besides food? Other than the great people and music, the fair hosts many gardens and exhibits.

The Rail Giants Historic Trains and other exhibits offers information for the history lovers, and the Hall of Superheroes offers that familiarity of childhood for the adults and kids alike. Luminasia, a garden based on Asian culture, was the “it” garden at the fair, featuring a lighted pathway through the history of Asian culture for individuals, couples and families to journey through during the night.

The events hosted at the fair do not go unattended either. The many concerts they have, featuring artists such as Demi Lovato and Neon Trees, not only bring the youth around, but also the older folks.

LA County Fair is loved by many and will continue to be a Los Angeles county tradition.


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