DJ Skee’s new Dash Radio

Written by Kimberly Quitzon, Staff Writer 

Scott Keeny, more commonly known as DJ Skee, has made a powerful impact in today’s music industry.

He was previously known for his show Skee.TV, which offered insight into upcoming, current, and well-known artists. The show often gave fans opportunities to see artists live in the exclusive Cha Cha Lounge and featured interviews with artists. However, DJ Skee decided it was time to end the channel and bring something new and groundbreaking to radio.

He has introduced Dash Radio—an app and website that features over 50 radio stations of different genres. The influential DJ has gotten rid of commercials like those on Pandora and Spotify. Dash Radio has replaced algorithms with actual DJ’s. The app, which is compatible with iPhone and Androids, appeals to music lovers across the board. He features the newest music that you can’t find on Pandora, and it is mixed together similar to radio stations, such as Power 106 or Jack FM. The app is simple. You choose the genres you wish to listen to, add them to your “dashboard,” and press play. However, the question often asked is: how much is this?

How can a radio station run with no commercials if you don’t have to pay? It is all free, with no monthly subscription or charge per song, Dash radio runs 24/7 on your phone and online. From records, to radio, to CD and mp3’s, this is truly a breakthrough for music. We may have had hope in satellite radio because it was more personalized, but you had to pay for it. This is something music has never seen before and will bring expectations higher for all other music applications.


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