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Concert review: Drake vs. Lil Wayne

Written by Alejandra Hernandez, Treasurer 

On Friday, September 19, in Irvine, two of the greatest rappers joined the stage for an epic battle known as Drake vs. Lil’ Wayne. Opening for the event, rapper iLoveMakkonnen, built up the crowd with his breakout single, “Tuesday.” After his performance, the main entertainment was soon to commence, and the introduction was a narrative with a child playing a video game where two warriors (“Tekken Tag” cartoon forms of Drake and Wayne) were to fight for the title—“the greatest rapper in the world.”

Lil’ Wayne immersed through the smoke and opened remarkably with the violin playing to “Blunt Blowing.” Everyone went wild, and people even broke down the gate in the lawn seating and outran the security. It was an amazing energy that even the performers felt. After Lil’ Wayne played a few songs, Drake came on and played songs like, “Started From The Bottom” and “Trophies.” Drake even stood on a stand to fly over the audience as he sang “Marvin’s Room” and gave shout-outs to everyone he could see, especially those in the “cheap seats.”

Then the two came onstage together to battle with their greatest verses. Lil’ Wayne rapped his verse from “Loyal” by Chris Brown and humorously attempted a dance battle, as well. Drake then got the audience up on their feet when he played his verse from “Pop That.” After cracking a few jokes to each other, they came the stage once more to perform their classic collaborations, such as “HYFR,” “0-100,” and “No New Friends.” After the final song, Lil’ Wayne congratulated Drake on his winning title of “the greatest rapper in the world” and concluded this incredible show.


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